Do you want to ensure that your employees are focused on your business and not distracted by problems in their rented accommodation? 

Since 2014 we have been offering some of the best shared accommodation in Northampton. As owners and managers of our houses we strive to ensure that we have happy tenants, we achieve this by maintaining all our homes to the highest standards and by carefully selecting tenants that will get along and are respectful of each other. This makes house sharing a much more enjoyable experience for everyone.


It may sound cliché but it’s a fact that happy employees are productive employees. Being happy at home means your staff are more likely to be focused on your business, they’re not distracted by poor living standards, ongoing maintenance issues or nightmare neighbours or housemates!


Make it easy for new employees and temporary staff moving to the area. Take away the stress of finding a nice place to live.


All of our houses are located in quiet, safe neighbourhoods with easy access to main transport links.  Large communal spaces, well cared for gardens and easy/off road parking make coming home a stress free way to end the day.